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1. Manor House

You are now looking at what we call the Manor House. A Stone Quaker house that dates back to 1820! The house has three bedrooms upstairs. The Downstairs features a beautiful light and airy dining room, perfect for photoshoots and styled tablescapes. Holly's favorite part of the house is the prop closet, which houses china, glassware, flatware and other items she has collected throughout the years. Though the house is not considered a BNB it houses our wedding designers on big event weekends and is the perfect place to get ready for our Hope Flower Farm brides!

2. The Carriage House

The estate and dairy farm was originally knows as Strawberry Veil and was farmed by the Hope family for more than 60 years. The gift shop that you are currently looking at was used as a carriage house. The stone work of the carriage house dates back to 1820. When Holly and Evan purchased the farm they chose to rename it to Hope to honor the family that had devoted their lives to the care and cultivation of this property. Hope strives to serve her community by inspiring those to come as well, as be good stewards to the foundation that had been planted for them to enjoy today.  

3. Memorial Garden/ E-Shed

Nestled in the back of the manor house we have begun cultivating a very special place on the property. This portion of the estate gardens we call the memorial garden. The centerpiece for this garden is the stunning architectural feature that we lovingly call the E-shed. E standing for Evan Chapple the late husband of Holly Chapple. The E-shed makes for a unique location to host celebrations of all kinds. from bridal showers, birthdays, or even proposals! Our hope for this garden was to create a space that allowed you to get close to the flowers. Each raised bed has a corner seat perfect for sipping and savoring the beauty of each bloom. 

4. Spring House

The spring house is one of our most recent renovations. Just months ago this spring house was completely dilapidated. With the help of some skilled craftsman we were able to begin restoring it to it's former glory. We dream that in the future it will be a place where wishes and dreams come true as guests use our spring house as a wishing well. 

5. Event Barn and Patio

The Event Barn and patio is the perfect location for hosting weddings, and other large celebrations. Elements of this barn date all the way back to 1820. The addition of the patio was built in 2022. The barn can host up to a 120 guests for events. We are planning on hosting many fun celebrations through out the year, we would love for you to join us!

6. Dairy Barn

Welcome to the Dairy Barn, one of the most versatile spaces on the farm. Within this barn there are three unique spaces that we enjoy creating and sharing with our guests. The opening of the barn leads you into the mystical space that we have named the Silo Room. Take a peak into the Silo and notice how different the sky looks from inside that chamber. Many of our guests have found this space to the perfect place for reflection. As you pass through the silo room you will see the portion of the dairy barn that used to be used for feeding the cattle. We now use this to host events, design classes, and any excuse to create something totally unique. As you make your way up the stairs you will see another cherished location. This area is used weekly for yoga classes, musical performances, corporate retreats, and wedding ceremonies. 

7. Studio- Tasting Room

The studio and tasting barn is where all of the magic happens! Every flower harvested from the fields of Hope are brought into the studio barn to be counted, cared for, and turned into a creative masterpieces. This space was built with great intention. Each wall is designed to fold open ensuring optimal light, air, and space everything our flower babies and floral designers need to thrive. On the right side of the barn you will find the processing room for our Jack Cat cider! This space at one point used to be a tool shed, it was re-imagined, engineered, and completed in November of 2022. 

8. Cutting Garden to Walking Path up to Hawks Landing and the Oak Grove

One of the more significant places on the property is the Chapple family Oak Grove. Making your way up the walking path you will pass the cutting garden on your left. Once you reach the crest of the hill, you will look around you will find nine baby trees aligned with purpose. In honor of Holly's late husband Evan who gave so much to the property of Hope, Holly and her children planted trees. As they grow and mature they will provide cool place to enjoy the land and dream of the future the very way Evan did for his family and his farm. The location of the grove named Hawks Landing is also the single best spot on the farm for catching the one of a kind sunsets over the rolling hills in the distance,. 

9. Peony, Dahlia, and Sunflower Field

Welcome to the Dahlia patch, we appreciate you making the walk out this way. Up and down you will see our Dahlia Patch first planted by Evan Chapple. Dahlias are not only a bright and vibrant flower but they have significant meaning. In the Victorian era Dahlias were a symbol of commitment and everlasting union. Dahlias were often used for this symbolism in wedding ceremonies. Depending on where you live Dahlias can bloom 3-4 months of the year, but not with out careful care and attention. Looking to the left you will see our Peony Patch quietly resting until the spring months when they are bursting with color. Be sure to join us for Peony Day next spring! The other large area of tilled land is the home of Sunflower Alley. Our intention for this space is to inspire strength, awe, and hope. We plan to dedicate this to all of the families in the community that have children battling cancer. Yellow represents Childhood Cancer and we can find no better flower to stand strong alongside our families then the sunflower. 

10. Donkeys and Pig

Welcome to the donkey paddock. We would like to introduce you to our first pair of donkeys Love and Puff. Love, our lady donkey can be recognized by the lighter coat and slimmer waste line and Puff, our gentleman donkey has a darker coat and is a bitt puffier like his namesake. Something you might not know is that Holly the owner of the farm has a special connection to a flower named Love in a Puff. In fact she even has a tattoo of this special seed on her wrist. For her at the beginning of her flower journey she was gifted this special seed and it has always held a great significance to the path ahead. Shortly after Love and Puff's arrival we received the news that there was another donkey in need of a rescue and a little Hope. In an instant we added Bitter to our growing gardens. Bitter must be trying to contend with Puff as he is the rounder of the group.  All of these introductions would not be complete with out a formal hello to our Queen Pig Miss Piggy! Nobody could keep the farm in line better than her! Feel free to take pictures of our friends, but please do not reach through our fence line, we don't want them mistaking your fingers for treats.