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Abby Compote

 The Abby Compote is lightweight, stackable and perfect for easy transport to and from your event or designing at home. It is manufactured with the highest grade plastic resin, has double reinforced walls and a solid, one-piece construction. All Abby Compotes pair perfectly with the Pillow mechanics for a seamless, time-saving design system for your floral centerpieces. The Abby compote is currently available in three colors; clear, white, and black.

Abby 4 1/4 “

Dimensions: 6¼" x 4¼"

Diameter: 4½"

Depth: 3⅛"

Pairs with the 4” Pillow

Abby 5”

Dimensions: 8¼" x 5"

Diameter: 6½"

Depth: 3½"

Pairs with the 6” or the 8” Pillow - 

Holly prefers using the 8" Pillow when designing for wedding work

Abby 5 3/4”

Dimensions 10⅛" x 5¾"

Diameter: 8½"

Depth: 3⅞"

Pairs with the 8” pillow or 10½" Pillow