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Compote + Pillow Bundle

Created to make floral design easy for the everyday flower enthusiast.

Maybe you love the way your house feels when you have a gorgeous floral arrangement on the kitchen table. Maybe you’ve been feeling uninspired lately and you want to get in tune with your heart and your artistic side. Playing with fresh flowers from the garden is something Holly Chapple believes everyone should have the opportunity to experience.


The Holly Pillow makes floral design approachable for anyone and everyone. It’s perfect for both novice beginners and budding florists to take their designs up a notch.


Another highlight of the Holly Pillow is that it’s eco-friendly and can be reused over and over again. Plus, it’s not made of floral foam which allows stems access to fresh water and allows you to keep cutting stems fresh without destroying your design. Longer lasting blooms plus good for the environment!


Holly tip: Get the pillow in a size that will sit on top of your vase, not fall inside it. The pillow will still work but you won’t be able to achieve that fully open, signature Hollyish design.


Abby Compotes + Holly Pillows paired together create a wispy and airy style centerpiece that allows you to really highlight your focal flowers.



Abby 4 1/4 “ + 4" Pillow 
Dimensions: 6¼" x 4¼"
Diameter: 4½"
Depth: 3⅛"
Paired with the 4” Pillow


Medium - Most Popular

Abby 5” + 8" Pillow 
Dimensions: 8¼" x 5"
Diameter: 6½"
Depth: 3½"
Paired with the 8” Pillow 
This combo is Holly's favorite for wedding work.



Abby 5 3/4” + 10 1/2" Pillow 
Dimensions 10⅛" x 5¾"
Diameter: 8½"
Depth: 3⅞"
Paired with the 10½" Pillow

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