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Connected Colombia 100% Cacao - Organic - Ceremonial

When drinking this cacao, you can experience a strengthening of your inner sense of connection to nature, create ritual and ceremony for the earth, and find balance with all your relations. Connected Colombia carries the prayers and energies from the tribe of the Arhuacos. Living in the mountains of the High Sierra Nevada Santa Marta, Colombia, they see themselves as a non-dual part of Earth, not separate: so caring for Earth is caring for all of existence. They maintain planetary balance by making ritual payments, or pagamento, to the Earth for her services.

The Arhuaco people grew cacao over six hundred years ago, prior to colonization of the Americas. When they lost their ancestral lands, over time their cacao traditions faded. With their territory recently recognized as a "living being" and receiving federal protection, they have regained access to their ancestral cacao growing territory. Makes a great coffee replacement!