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Deluxe & Princess Garden Roses - Wanted in Red

A garden rose is an experience.

These deluxe blooms fill the room with stunning fragrance, unique form, and old-world elegance. Each day brings exciting changes as they open up to the world. Because they are shipped directly from the farm, these delicate blooms have an extended vase life not typical with garden roses. You will not find these stunning garden roses in mainstream commercial outlets.

We are thrilled to share fresh, farm-to-home garden roses with you. Not only do we offer home or business delivery, we provide proper care and handling as well as design philosophy guidance.


Average Delivery Time:

  • Roses Arrive In About 2 Days! *within the contiguous United States


FREE Educational Garden Rose Videos with Holly - Immediately Upon Purchase:

  • Rose Variety Unboxing
  • Conditioning Your Roses
  • Why We Process The Flowers
  • Stem Cleaning & Lengths
  • Quick Dip & Knife Tips
  • Design Mechanics
  • How To Design With A Dozen Garden Roses
  • How To Design With Two Dozen Garden Roses, Spray Roses, & Tweedia
  • Old World Roses - What’s The Difference