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Green Aventurine 108 Beads Meditation Mala with Rose Quartz

Want to pursue growth? The green aventurine stone helps you release old habits and patterns. A serene combination of pink and green, the rose quartz beads adds a dose of compassion and function as counter beads for smaller meditation sessions.

Bead size: 6mm Individually Knotted between each bead Made of green aventurine with rose quartz beads Please allow for some color variation in greens Pink cotton tassel Bead 

Configuration: 27 GA + 1 RQ + 27 GA + 1 RQ + 27 GA + 1 RQ + 27 GA + 1 Guru Bead For meditation use only, not recommended as a jewelry item Due to the nature of natural stones, this piece will feature exquisite variations in color, surface patterns and overall appearance. Such details enhance the unique beauty of each piece.