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Holly Pillow and Egg Sample Sets - Shipping Available

The Holly Pillow and Egg sample sets let you try out the different sizes of "eggs" and "pillows" and find the mechanic that is right for your project. The "pillow" and the "egg" mechanics created by Holly Chapple, allow you to create wispy and airy designs that really highlight your focal flowers and allow you to create unique pieces with strong mechanics. Each purchase of an "egg" or "pillow" comes with a video tutorial with Holly herself as she demonstrates how to use these awesome mechanics.  

The Egg Set includes one of the 4" and 6" eggs.

The Pillow Set includes one of the 4", 6" and the 8" pillow.  

The Egg + Pillow Set includes all pieces from the Egg Set and the Pillow Set. 


This is a shipping only product.